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Nifty News: Mike Tyson’s ear-biting tokens, the NFT that makes you a TV star, and more…

Mike Tyson bites the ear off NFTs

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has dropped a series of tokenized collectibles on the heavyweight champion platform of the nonfungible token (NFT) world, OpenSea.

The 55-year-old collaborated with digital artist Cory Van Lew to launch the “Mike Tyson NFT Collection,” which consists of 11 one-of-one NFTs up for auction and six open-edition NFTs that range from 50 to 250 copies.

The collection was released earlier on Friday. The NFTs depict neon-colored illustrations of iconic moments from Tyson’s career, such as knockouts, championship wins and the notorious “ear-biting” escapade.

Tyson’s NFT collection: OpenSea

At the time of writing, there are three one-of-one editions with a top bid of 5 Ether (ETH) each, worth around $16,000. However, the prices are likely to climb fast, as the auction doesn’t close until Tuesday. Tyson also stated on Twitter that the buy now editions all sold out within an hour of launch.

The buy now NFTs sold out in less than an hour even with some tech glitches. Check out the auctions this weekend and how art assassin @coryvanlew created my vision with neon precision #baddestnftcollectionontheplanethttps://t.co/uy20252rGi

— Mike Tyson (@MikeTyson) August 19, 2021

Tyson’s NFT collection was produced by 1ofOne, an NFT creative agency that tailors to A-list celebrities and global brands.

NFTV star

In what could either be a great or bad idea, the Australian TV show The Rebound, which screens on the Nine Network, is auctioning off a tokenized episode that will see the winning bidder become part of the show next season.

World First: #NFT to TV Star. We are selling an NFT of ep.8 @thereboundtv on Crypto https://t.co/H2Hg67irSR We call it NFTV Star The buyer will feature in Season 3 of the show – every episode. #rarible #ethereum #nonfungible #digitalasset

— Steve Sammartino (@sammartino) August 20, 2021

Episode 8 of The Rebound explores crypto-economics and has been minted in NFT format on Rarible. The NFT that was minted on Thursday is up for auction now, with bidding set to close in six days; however, there are no current bids at the time of writing.

Along with becoming a regular guest on season three of the show, the winning bidder will also be mentored “in their business or career” as part of the show’s accelerator program. “This NFT may be your ticket to a new financial trajectory, and maybe even TV stardom!” the description reads.

Lionel Messi looking to score

Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest soccer player in history, has joined fellow Barcelona FC great Ronaldinho by entering the NFT space.

The drop is dubbed “The Messiverse” and is set to go live on the Ethernity marketplace on Saturday, which is a platform that produces and sells licensed NFTs.

The art depicted in the NFTs was designed by Australian artist Bosslogic, and the drop includes a special edition of 50 copies priced at $10,000 each, a limited edition of 2500 copies at $499 each and an open edition worth $50 per copy.

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The artwork of the $10,000 “Man of Tomorrow” NFT displays a futuristic, bionic-looking portrait of Messi, with a cyberpunk style background. Owners of this special edition NFT will receive an extra unspecified “one-of-a-kind” NFT following the drop.

Buy the #Messi x @Bosslogic “Man From Tomorrow” 75 of 75 #NFT… Get a 2nd RARE #Messi NFT featuring the original art in his @FCBarcelona #10. This 2nd NFT IS NOT for sale!!!!Only “Man from Tomorrow” buyers can claim the “Man of the Past” #NFT. https://t.co/gdJiXe4cNx

— ETHERNITY (@EthernityChain) August 20, 2021

Vine co-founder working on NFT games

Dom Hofmann, co-founder of the now-defunct social media app Vine, is working on a new NFT gaming project called “Supdrive.” In the Supdrive Discord channel, Hofmann described the project as “an on-chain fantasy console game where the games themselves are NFTs.”

“You can think of it sort of like Artblocks for games. These games all run on the Supdrive Virtual Firmware, a toolkit that allows games to be written in the concise instructions that are gas-friendly and ideal for on-chain storage,” he wrote.

New project alertSupdriveOn-chain fantasy game consoleComing soon@supdrive pic.twitter.com/ELu9Hvj9ng

— dom (@dhof) August 18, 2021

The Vine co-founder revealed that the first game is called “Origin” and that games developed by the project will have an “old-school arcade-style” similar to Pacman and Asteroid. He hasn’t specified what blockchain he is building on at this stage.

“As the firmware is upgraded, games will gradually become more sophisticated. Perhaps one day we’ll have Super Supdrive or Supdrive 64,” he said.


Cointelegraph reported on Friday that Crypto.com partnered with Italy’s top soccer league, Lega Serie A. The partnership will see Crypto.com’s branding featured during game broadcasts, and the exchange will also launch some new Lega Serie A NFTs.

Earlier this week, NFT marketplace SuperRare announced an upgrade tcalled “SuperRare 2.0” that introduces independent storefronts, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), “sovereign smart contracts” and the RARE curation token.